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    F2000   F6270   F7270

    The SureColoTM SC-F2000 is the perfect t-shirt printing solution if you are looking to upgrade your equipment, complement your existing infrastructure with a digital direct to garment printer, or if you are starting a t-shirt printing business.

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    The Epson SureColor F-series is Epson?°•s next generation of high-performance dye-sublimation transfer printers. Incorporating the latest advancements in printing technology which include Epson?°•s exclusive PrecisionCoreTM TFP® printhead and the all new high-density black ink, the SureColor F-series delivers amazing performance at affordable running costs. The F6270 is designed for sheet production, ideal for short-volume dye-sublimation transfer printing of custom clothing, soft signage, merchandise and hard surface work. The F7270 is designed for roll-based production, ideal for short to medium-volume roll-to-roll custom fabric, textile and soft signage.

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    The Epson SureColor SC-F9270 is Epson's next generation textile dye-sublimation transfer printer. Designed speci?cally for the purpose of dye-sublimation printing, it combines the speed, precision and durability of PrecisionCore? printhead technology with an original dual 1.5L ink tank system to deliver amazing performance for highly ef?cient and reliable production runs. With printing speeds of up to 100.1 m2/h* and a new high-density black ink to reduce ink consumption, the SC-F9270 is your ideal partner for high-volume commercial applications that will set you apart with its impressive print quality and low running costs.

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    Sure Lab D-3000

    Designed for high-quality photo print production, the Epson Surelab SL-D3000 is a 6 colour , compact digital dry lab. It utilizes Epson’s proven Micro Piezo printhead technology ,in conjunction with Epson’s original ink and LUT, to deliver accurate reproduction and a maximum resolution of 1440 x 1440dpi.

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    When quality is of paramount importance, turn to the Epson SC-P6000-9000 series. These new generations, state-of-the-art large format printers incorporate the latest colour printing technologies. With Epson?°•s PrecisionCoreTM Thin Film Piezo (TFP) printhead, they produce images accurate in detail, superior in fidelity with uncompromising image consistency. In addition, the UltraChromeTM all-pigment ink sets deliver outstanding colour accuracy and image durability in ultra-high resolution, with a wide colour gamut that achieves the most dynamic images. This range of printers seamlessly integrates with industry-leading software solutions to meet the demanding needs and the critical eye of the photo, proofing and graphic arts industry.

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    Take your creativity to the next level with the Epson SureColor SC-P407. With advanced features you would expect in a professional photo printer, the P407 enables you to explore all your creative aspirations. It uses Epson UltraChrome? Hi-Gloss 2 ink, an advanced pigment ink set that delivers an ultra-wide range of colours and smooth, vibrant skin tones. Equipped with Epson?°•s multi award-winning Micro Piezo? printhead, achieve high-quality prints with amazing intricate details and colour transitions that will take your breath away.

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      Bring out true quality in your photo collection with the SureColor SC-P607/ P807. Epson?°•s UltraChrome? HD ink delivers unprecedented black density and true-to-life colour gradations and de? nitions. Enhanced by a practical and productive design, along with ef? cient connectivity features, Epson is your choice for stunning, unforgettable photo results.

    Download P607 & P807


    The new Epson SureColorTM S-Series printers are Epson?°•s next generation of high-performance eco-solvent signage printers, which incorporates the latest printing technologies to be Epson?°•s most advanced signage printers to date. The printers come with the new sophisticated precision media feeding system, high-performance PrecisionCoreTM TFP printheads and a myriad of advanced features that enable them to reliably meet most demanding jobs while minimising operation costs.

    Download SC40670 & SC60670
      The Epson SureColor? SC-S80670 is Epson?°•s next generation, high-performance, eco-solvent signage printer. It incorporates the latest printing technologies, which include precision media feeding system and dual-performance PrecisionCore? TFP printheads, to confidently meet the most demanding jobs. Equipped with the widest colour gamut in the new S-Series range, the SC-S80670 is set to astound with true-to-life colours in every brilliant printout.

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    SC-T5270   SC-T7270    

    Developed with precision and consistency in mind, The Epson Sure Color T-Series engineered to produce precise and colourful print consistently for every project. Using Epson?°•s all- pigment ?°„UltraChrome?°ņ XD ink and ?°„PrecisionCore?°ņ printhead technology, you can be sure of conveying your ideas to the most detail way possible

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  • HP


    DesignJet Z2600 - PostScript® Printer

    HP°Įs most affordable 24-inch high-impact graphics printer

    Download DesignJet Z2600 - PostScript® Printer
    HP DesignJet Z5600 PostScript

    HP DesignJet Z5600 PostScript® Printer Quick and efficient multi-roll, 44-inch high-impact graphics printing Use. It used Vivid Photo inks and printheads to experience consistent high quality and reliable performance that enable less downtime and increased productivity. These critical printing system components are designed and engineered together to provide optimized efficiency,a wide color gamut, and prints with over 200 years fade resistance.

    Download HP DesignJet Z5600 PostScript
    HP D5800

    HP Design Jet D5800 production printer is fastest 60-inch dye-ink production printer for nonstop operation. Durable design features built to handle the most demanding printing environments and its breakthrough color consistency can help reduce unnecessary reprint.

    Download HP D5800

    Designjet T120 ePrinter Series

    An easy-to-use, Web-connected 24-inch printer

    Download Designjet T120 ePrinter Series
    Designjet T520 ePrinter Series

    Professional, Web-connected, 24- and 36-inch printer

    Download Designjet T520 ePrinter Series
    Designjet T730 Printer

    A smart investment for small businesses 36-inch, robust and compact Wi-Fi printer for CAD and general-purpose applications

    Designjet T730 Printer

    Designjet T830 - Multifunction Printer

    Multifunction Reinveted- build it scanner at an unbeatable price Price, Scan, Copy and Share ®C robust, compact 36- inch Wi-Fi MFP for office and construction.

    Download HP T830
    Designjet T930 Printer

    Boost team productivity and enhance security 36-inch, 6-ink printer for professional-quality CAD and GIS applications

    Designjet T930 Printer
    Designjet T1300- PostScript? Printer

    Larger prints and higher productivity for workgroups

    Designjet T1300- PostScript? Printer

    Designjet T2530 - Multifunction Printer Series

    Print/scan/copy, share°™maximize workgroup productivity, enterprise security Dual-roll 36-inch, 6-ink integrated MFP for professional-quality CAD and GIS applications

    Designjet T2530 - Multifunction Printer Series
  • DYSS

    UV Flatbed

    Download UV Flatbed & X7 Cutter
    X7 Cutter
    X5 Cutter

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    DYSS are established leaders in the design and manufacture of systems for the Industrial Screenprint Market. With many years? experience in designing, installing and supporting industrial production based systems, DYSS now bring this experience to the Digital Printing Market. Two ranges of professional production systems exist where workflow and productivity have been the driving force behind development. UV Direct to Media Printing in two versatile designs and the all new X7 Digital Cutter Series. Printer and Cutter can be installed as a complete matched turnkey solution or as separate units to enhance and streamline existing installations.